International Henry Moseley School and Workshop on X-ray Science

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June 14 - 23, 2012
ITAP, Turunē, Marmaris, TURKEY

About the School


   The school is dedicated to famous X-Ray scientist Henry G. J. Moseley on the occasion of his 125th birthday. Moseley discovered a unique association between elements and the integer electron count by measuring the X-ray emission energies accurately. 

   Due to his work, the elements in the periodic table were rearranged according to their atomic numbers, not to their atomic weights as was done before. Henry Moseley lost his life in 1915 during World War I at the Gallipoli battle in Turkey at the age of 27 and is buried there. 

   He, along with all fallen soldiers, was embraced and honored by Kemal Atatürk, the founder of Modern Turkey, as ".....heroes who shed their blood and lost their lives, and now lying in the soil of a friendly country.... After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well". Later, Moseley's law became incorporated into the full quantum mechanical view of the atom.

   Since the school will be organized on the 125th birthday of Moseley, and there will be a special session on his life and achievements. Prof. Michael Hart, a renown x-ray physicist (Bristol, emeritus), is invited to review the status of "x-ray science then and now". Furthermore, Prof. Miral Dizdarošlu (NIST) who has written a book about H.Moseley's time at Gallipoli is also invited.

   The goal of the school is to bring young scientists and graduate students of various scientific disciplines including physics, chemistry, structural and functional biology, bioinorganic chemistry, geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and mineral physics, materials science, soil and environmental science, botany, paleontology, zoology, medicine, pharmacology, archeology and art conservation, chemical and mechanical engineering, and energy related sciences, who are either currently using x-ray techniques in their research, or in need of learning such techniques. The lecturers are selected among the leading international researchers in their field who are willing to share their expertise to an audience of advanced research students.

   National as well as international students interested in the rich field of x-ray sciences are encouraged to apply. The national students' local expenses will be fully covered by our state projects. For international students' local rates including the scool fee, accommodation and meals click here. Travel expenses of the national/international students cannot be covered.

   The school will be held at the premises of Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics, ITAP, located in a beautiful resort town of Turunç, at the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, near Marmaris. There will be room and board provided to all qualified students accepted in the program at the school site.