What is IARS?

International Advanced Research School (IARS) is an intensive graduate/postgraduate program in those research subfields of physics as outlined in those pages. It is not an official diploma program and its fundamental aim is to promote the scientific level of research students and young researchers in an internationally challenging environment. The advanced school is planned in collaboration between the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics (ITAP/Marmaris), Bilkent University (Ankara) and the Feza Gürsey Institute/Istanbul. In each of these subfields, a number of researchers plan an advanced curricular program for training PhD candidates and postgraduate researchers on current research subtopics in that specific field. The content of the package is aimed at comprising a complete set of advanced studies in that field starting from the basic concepts, methods and formalisms to more advanced and current state-of-the-art developments. Presentations are performed at the traditional blackboard-chalk style with the visual technology only as an aid. In these packages yearly short term intensive research training courses ranging from a week to four weeks are offered to international participants. The participants are selected on the basis of their background and they are expected to attend the full three-year package.

IARS has three modules:

1) Regular IARS workshops: The content of the regular workshops are in the "Fields of Research Training and Program" pages.

IARS assistantships: The participants are required to fulfill all the requirements of IARS lectures including homeworks, examinations, numerical studies and in class problem solving sessions. IARS assistants supervise the problem sessions as well as grade homeworks.

IARS lecture note assistantships: Most lectures are stored in the digital environment for the IARS lectures library. IARS lecture note assistants are selected among the volunteering participants who are responsible in writing the lecture notes in a book format within a short interval after each IARS regular workshop. Lecture notes are compiled in Turkish.

2) Frontiers-in-Physics Workshops: Irregular meetings on the frontier topics of the time with the goal of introducing the most recent developments to the particicpants. This module can be opened depending on the need felt by the corresponding subgroup organizers. One yearly Frontiers-in-Physics meeting is recommended to each sub group. Announced at shortest, two months in advance.

3) Brain storming workshops: Irregular research sessions on a specific topic with invited lecturers using chalk, blackboard and computer. Participants can have direct access to modes of thinking and brainstorming targetted to solving the problem. This module can be opened by the need felt by the corresponding sub group organizers. One yearly such brain storming session is recommended to each sub group. Announced at shortest, two months in advance.