Exact and Numerical Models of Low-Dimensional Quantum Structures

Date: August 4 - August 12 2013

ITAP Dereözü Campus, Turunç, Marmaris, Turkey

Application Deadline:   July  5  2013

Application Form:   http://itap-tthv.org/Applications.html


Hans-Peter Eckle (University of Ulm, Germany)
Balázs Hetényi (Bilkent University, Turkey)

Scientific Committee
Natan Andrei (Rutgers University, New Brunswick, USA)
Hans-Peter Eckle (University of Ulm, Germany)
Fabian Essler (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
Henrik Johannesson (Gothenburg University, Sweden)
Vladimir Korepin (State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA)
Luís Miguel Martelo (University of Porto, Porto, Portugal)
Xenophon Zotos (University of Crete, Greece)

About the School
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The aim of this summer school is to bring together researchers who study low-dimensional systems. Particular emphasis will be placed on integrable systems and the Bethe ansatz, but to broaden the scope of the school a set of lectures on related topics, the Luttinger liquids and the density matrix renormalization group will also be included. Basic lectures will present the coordinate Bethe ansatz, applied to fundamental models such as the Lieb-Liniger gas, XXZ Heisenberg , Kondo , Yang-Gaudin, and Hubbard models. A discussion of the relation between two-dimensional classical vertex models and the basis of the algebraic Bethe ansatz will follow. Lectures will also cover the application of the Bethe ansatz to a range of topics of recent interest, such as the Tavis-Cummings model used in quantum optics, the Richardson-Gaudin model applied to mesoscopic systems, systems far from equilibrium, quantum quench dynamics, and magnetism of cold bosons. All lectures will be followed by an exercise session.

National applicants' local expenses will be totally covered by our state projects. According to the bilateral agreements of ITAP, participants from China, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Georgia and Bulgaria are eligible for complete support covering the local expenses. For the local expenses of the other international participants please visit http://itap-tthv.org/Rates.html
No travel support can be provided for national as well as international participants.

(Lecture Presentations and Abstracts are available by clicking on titles)
Jorge Dukelsky: Integrable Richardson-Gaudin models in Mesoscopic Physics
Hans-Peter Eckle: Algebraic Bethe Ansatz: from Vertex Models to Quantum Integrability
Alexandre Faribault: Gaudin Models for Condensed Matter Physicists
Balázs Hetényi: Introduction to Low-Dimensional Systems: an Overview of Numerical and Analytical Methods
Andreas Klümper: Thermodynamics of Spin Chains
Luís Miguel Martelo: Introduction to Integrable Models by Bethe Ansatz
Günter Schütz: Exactly Solvable Models for Far-from-Equilibrium Systems
Jenő Sólyom: The spin-1/2 Heisenberg Chain as a Luttinger Liquid

Presentations by participants (click)

Date Lecture Lunch Lecture Break Lecture Dinner Work Session
- 9:00-12:00 12:00-13:30 13:30-16:30 16:30-17:00 17:00-18:30 18:30-20:00 20:00-21:30
04/08/2013 Hetényi - Eckle - - - Hetényi/Eckle
05/08/2013 Hetényi - Martelo - Dukelsky - Hetényi/Martelo
06/08/2013 Eckle - Dukelsky - Klümper - Eckle
07/08/2013 Schütz - Dukelsky/Klümper - Participant presentations - Dukelsky
08/08/2013 Schütz - Sólyom - Participant presentations - Schütz
09/08/2013 Sólyom - Klümper - Participant presentations - Sólyom
10/08/2013 Excursion - Excursion - Excursion -
11/08/2013 Faribault- Martelo - Participant presentations - Klümper
12/08/2013Martelo (work session) - Faribault- Faribault (work session) - Closing

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The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Georgian National Academy of Sciences

Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Republic of Turkey Promotion Fund

Contact for queries about the program, location, climate, etc.:
Mesut Erol
Assistant Coordinator
Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics
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