2nd International Henry Moseley School and Workshop on X-ray Science

Date: June 13 - June 22 2013

ITAP Turunç Campus, Turunç, Marmaris, Turkey

Application Deadline:   May  10  2013

Application Form:   http://itap-tthv.org/Applications.html


Zehra Sayers (Sabancı University, Turkey)

Osamu Shimomura (Japan Society for Promotion of Science, Japan)

Süheyla Özbey (Turkish Crystallography Association, Hacettepe Univ., Turkey)

Scientific Committee

Esen Ercan Alp (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)

Zehra Sayers (Sabancı University, Turkey)

Osamu Shimomura (Japan Society for Promotion of Science, Japan)

Süheyla Özbey (Turkish Crystallography Association, Hacettepe Univ., Turkey)

Ömer Yavaş (Institute of Accelerator Technologies, Ankara University, Turkey)

About the School
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2nd International Henry Moseley-SESAME-JSPS (Japan Society for Promotion of Science) X-ray summer school will be held in ITAP (Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics) facilities in Turunç-Marmaris, Turkey. The summer school will focus on production of x-rays and their utilization in various branches of sciences, including physics, chemistry, biology, geology, engineering, materials science, pharmacology, archeology, paleontology, and medicine.

The school will cover introductory courses related to accelerator-based sources, x-ray optics for synchrotron radiation, x-ray diffraction, x-ray spectroscopy, and x-ray imaging. Lectures will be given by an international group of scientists mainly from synchrotrons across the world. Lectures will be held between 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00 hrs, and there will be homework sessions after dinner are between 20:00-22:00 o’clock. Students can relax or go to beach between 17:00-19:00 hrs. Two days of the school will be devoted to hands-on data analysis and visualization for some lectures including powder diffraction, photoemission spectroscopy, structural biology, X-ray absorption fine structure and X-ray fluorescence analysis. On the second day students will be expected to give presentations on the simulations they performed on the day before. The school will provide computers with data analysis programs, but students are encouraged to bring their computers as well.

The school aims to host 50 graduate level students and will be open to international participation. Acceptance will be based on student’s statement of interest, preparation level, and letters of recommendation. The subject matter of students can be from any of the areas given above. Accepted students will have accommodation on-site or at a nearby facility and meals will be also available on-site. No travel support can be provided to national/international participants.

Please visit "Rates and Services" page for details at this link: http://itap-tthv.org/Rates.html


Shin-Ichi Adachi, KEK-Photon Factory, IMSS, Japan

Hakan Altan, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Ritsuko Eguchi (Horiba) Okayama University, Japan

Daniel Haskel, Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source, USA

Koji Horiba, KEK-Photon Factory, Japan

Noriyuki Igarashi, KEK-Photon Factory, IMSS, Japan

Jungeun Kim, SPring-8, Japan

Shin-ichi Kimura, UVSOR, Institute for Molecular Science, Japan

Keisuka Kitahara, Chiba University, Japan

Takafumi Miyanaga, Hirosaki University, Japan

Serika Miyazaki, Chiba University, Japan

Youichi Murakami, KEK-Photon Factory, IMSS, Japan

Hironori Nakao, KEK-Photon Factory, IMSS, Japan

Kiyofumi Nitta, SPring-8, Japan

Chiya Numako, Chiba University, Japan

Suat Ozkorucuklu, Isparta University, Turkey

Ingrid Pickering, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Ian Robinson, University College London, England

David Strivay, l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France

Mali Subramanian, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Kei Takashi, Chiba University, Japan

Soichi Wakatsuki, Stanford University, USA


Masaki Yamamoto, RIKEN, Japan


Tentative program (number of lectures is indicated in parenthesis.)

1. Present and future storage ring and free electron laser based x-ray sources (2)

2. Optics for X-ray beamlines:

a. High-heat load and high-resolution monochromators (1)

b. Focusing mirrors, zone plates, and bent crystals (1)

c. Curved crystal analyzers, (1)

d. Polarization based optics (1)

e. Coherence preserving optics (1)

3. X-Ray Science

a. X-Ray Diffraction: Protein crystallography, coherent x-ray diffraction (2)

b. Powder diffraction, pair distribution function measurements (1)

c. X-Ray Scattering: Resonant Scattering, Inelastic scattering, SAXS (3)

d. X-Ray Spectroscopy: Absorption, Raman and Emission (2)

e. X-Ray Imaging: Full field and scanning x-ray microscopy, coherent imaging, spectromicroscopy (2)

f. Time resolved techniques, pump-probe experiments (1)

Lecture notes can be downloaded at this link: http://itap-tthv.org/files/2nd.Henry.Moseley.School.and.Workshop.2013_Presentations.rar


The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


Sabancı University

Argonne National Laboratory

Turkish Accelerator Center

Turkish National Crystallographic Association

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Georgian National Academy of Sciences

Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Republic of Turkey Promotion Fund

Contact for queries about the program, location, climate, etc.:

Mesut Erol

Assistant Coordinator

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics

GSM: +90 0555 277 1049

e-mail: mesutlore@itap-tthv.org , mesutlore@gmail.com