Princeton-Cambridge-ITAP Summer School and Workshop on Quantum Many-Body Phenomena at Light-Matter Interfaces

Date: September 10 - September 20 2013

Application Deadline:   August  9  2013

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Hakan Türeci (Princeton Univ., USA)
Mete Atatüre (Cambridge Univ. UK)

About the School
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The key role light plays in macroscopic coherence and collective phenomena in both atomic and solid-state systems have received increasing attention within the last decade. From fundamental questions on matter far from equilibrium to emerging applications in quantum optoelectronics, a multitude of research directions have managed to bring together both experimentalists and theorists. This summer school/workshop is organized jointly between the Cambridge and Princeton Universities and ITAP, as a successor of the first Cambridge-ITAP workshop held in 2009. The aim of this organization is to bring together leading experts on various related topics and highly motivated young researchers in a series of blackboard-style lectures on fundamental concepts, technical challenges and state-of-the-art research. Hands on training on the fundamentals will be followed by a selected set of research problems studied in exercises, tutorials, homeworks and journal club activities. The school will be geared primarily for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows but exceptional senior undergraduates are highly encouraged to attend. A public evening event will include a colloquium on the quantumness of stars in conjunction with hands-on observation using a research-grade telescope of the ITAP Oluğtugal observatory.

National applicants' local expenses will be totally covered by our state projects. According to the bilateral agreements of ITAP, participants from China, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Georgia and Bulgaria are eligible for complete support covering the local expenses. For the local expenses of the other international participants please visit
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